Escape to Tzoumerka Mountains

The mountainous area of Arta is dominated by the Tzoumerka Mountains. They are the southern part of the Pindos mountain rage, with a group of villages and settlements known as Tzoumerkochoria (“The villages of Tzoumerka”).

Tzoumerka is heaven on earth, where visitors can enjoy every kind of activity: trekking, off-road running, climbing, mountaineering, ski mountaineering, river trekking and much more. Agnanda, Athamanio, Vourgareli, Theodoriana, Kataraktis, Koukoulia, Ktistades, Kipseli, Melissourgi and Ramia are just some of the villages “hanging” from the slopes of Tzoumerka, offering visitors a taste of authentic Greece.

Besides extreme sports, Tzoumerka is a place with plenty of touristic attractions: bridges and monasteries with centuries of history, watermills and mansions that date back to a time when this area was blooming with life in its beautiful villages, while the natural landscape is enchanting, with rivers, waterfalls, canyons and caves.