Agia Theodora’ s Church


The Byzantine Church of Agia Theodora stands tall in the center of the city and is a beautiful example of Byzantine architecture and decoration. At the beginning, the church was a convent dedicated to Saint George.

Only a few parts are still kept from the initial building; the nave, the gate of the monastery, the fountain and the chapel of the Metamorphosis (Transfiguration of Christ) with post Byzantine details.

The initial temple was founded during the 11th or 12th c. It was here that Saint Theodora – the queen and city’s patron saint – dwelled for a long period of her life

On the left side of the main entrance lies the tomb of the Saint. Of particular interest are the two beautifully engraved silver coffins with the relics of Agia Theodora, as well as the Saint’s icon.

Agia Theodora, the Patron Saint of Arta, celebrates on the 11th of March in the presence of bishops, politicians and Philharmonic orchestras from all over Greece.


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