The famous Clock of Arta

It is the oldest clock in Epirus and one of the oldest in Greece. The original mechanism of the clock made it unique in the whole Ottoman Empire. The clock had Arabic numbers at first and was decorated with enamel.

The first historical attestation about the existence of the clock comes from the “Book of the Travels” by Evliya Celebi.

The Turkish traveler mentions that the clock made a full rotation every 24 hours and had a big bell which could be heard from an one-hour-distance. He also emphasizes on the fact that he hadn’t seen anywhere else a clock of such perfect making.

The 21 meters tall Clock Tower was probably built between 1630 and 1650.

The clock was closely connected with the historical, economic and social transformations of this area. Because of its central position, next to the Castle, it quickly became one of the landmarks of Arta.

The square of Time, in front of the clock was one of the most frequented places of the city as well as a meeting point for its inhabitants.

The existence of the clock is a proof of the high economical status of the town, as both building and maintaining a clock tower was particularly expensive.