Georgios “Gogos” Bakolas

Georgios “Gogos” Bakolas (1770-1826) was a chief commander from Skoulikaria, Arta. He had been appointed armatolos (local commander) of Radovizi and Tzoumerka by Ali Pasha. He was 51 when the Greek Revolution of 1821 started. He dedicated himself to this purpose and liberated many areas, together with the Akarnanes chief commanders.

His military career is characterized by many victories but also by an episode that negatively marked his fame then, and is still linked to his name. It has to do with the Battle of Peta (4th of July 1822) where he was blamed for the Greeks defeat and accused of treason because he had left a main hill unguarded and the Turks managed to use it as a passing.

Even Krystallis in his work “Shadows of Hades” refers to “the dishonourable treason of Gogos Bakolas” to demonstrate that some things are not forgiven even after someone’s death. Makriyiannis on the other hand, appreciates his courage and his morals “He was an honest man, a courageous patriot and a kind person…The country owes a lot to this brave man”.